Digital drifter.

Hello…and welcome to my site! I’m glad you stopped by. I consider myself a digital drifter…forging a path between technology, design, and business.

Tech trekker.

This site is intended for adventure. You’re probably here because you want to know more about me or maybe you’d like to work with me. Either way…explore and enjoy.

Web wayfarer.

My journey into the web world started later in life… but it’s brought on a whole new sense of adventure. I’m not sure where it’ll take me, I just know it’ll take me further.

An introduction would be nice...

I'm Adam Lamagna.

Pleasure to meet you! If I had to summarize my life into one paragraph, I guess I would say something like this: I love the web, it’s what I do. I’m more of a jack-of-all-trades type. I started out in tech doing front-end development and freelancing, now I perform project scope development and strategy. I love people, networking and building strong relationships, but that’s the ‘sales’ in me. I also find time to play music, go to the gym, and cook awesome Blue Apron meals. And I blog – a lot!

Continue drifting...

Live & Learn

I've taken an interesting path to get where I'm at today. One thing I've really enjoyed is the evolution. Learn a little more about me.

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Skills & Experience

I've always had a willingness to learn and improve my skillset. If you're interested in working with me, check out all the things I'm doing.

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Being AJiLe Blog

All the stuff I learn, I try to teach. So, I blog about tech, design, and business...along with some pop-culture and just being alive!

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